Our Story

Marcello’s is the best choice for an authentic Italian experience. The large room, with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto vibrant Commercial Drive, combines old world Mediterranean warmth and sunny décor with an inviting atmosphere that appeals to people of all ages and origins.

Restaurant owner and chef, Marcello Lombardo has a love of Italian food and a pedigree to match. Born in Palermo, Marcello owned a restaurant on the Adriatic Riviera before moving to Vancouver, where he’s been serving authentic classic Italian dishes for over twenty-five years.

An enormous Neapolitan style wood-burning oven in the shape of the sun, the Sun God is the Mediterranean symbol of prosperity, is the showpiece to the entire room. It makes some of the best pizza in the city, churning out heavenly Naples-style thin crust creations available in over 20 varieties. The oven maintains a consistent temperature of 500°, baking the crust to a crisp golden brown that glistens with extra virgin olive oil.

Marcello’s is famous for their pizza and pasta. They make all of their pasta in house. The gnocchi is home made every day, which accounts for its pillowy softness and perfect texture, especially when served in a creamy quattro formaggi (four-cheese sauce). Not to be missed is Marcello’s baked lasagna. Hearty, yet surprisingly light, it’s layer upon layer of fresh spinach, béchamel and Marcello’s savory meat sauce. Guests come religiously for this dish.

More than just pizza and pasta, Marcello’s menu caters to all palates. They’ve got something for everybody. The forno roast chicken is spectacular and they offer many vegetarian options as well. Seafood dishes like calamari and grilled prawns are very popular and the octopus salad is to die for.

The energy of the dining room is just as much a part of the experience as the stellar cuisine. Bustling and raucous when at capacity, this lively eatery thrums like a high-tension wire during peak times. As Marcello’s maintains its energy with a steady stream of walk-in traffic, reservation space is limited. Call a few days ahead to reserve a spot, or simply walk in when you get the craving. Be it a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Marcello’s is always an experience.